Cash Register POS

Charge Anywhere’s Cash Register POS is a dynamic cloud-based cash register and retail management system that provides the latest in point-of-sale functionality and business management tools.

Our cutting-edge features are designed to give business owners a competitive advantage, and our tablet application, powered by the cloud-based back end that is multi-user and multi-location friendly, allows for convenient management from anywhere with internet connectivity.

Benefits of the Cash Register POS
The Cash Register benefits merchants of all types from retail storefronts, supermarkets, and concession stands to mobile pop-up stores and anything in between.

Total Security
Optimized Management
Enhanced Profitability
Improved Customer Experience

Hardware Options
The Cash Register POS platform features preconfigured hardware bundles based on merchant need. Merchants can add hardware options to the bundle, enabling them to create their own customized solution. Our hardware bundles are easy to install and we provide both setup and ongoing customer support.

Retail Bundle
The Cash Register POS Retail Bundle is optimal for brick-and-mortar retailers with more traditional point-of-sale configurations and is designed to streamline the checkout process. The unit has a 10.4” operator color touch screen, Android operating system, built-in 80mm thermal printer and an Ethernet port for high-speed communications.

Features include:

Mobile Bundle
The Cash Register POS Mobile Bundle resembles a traditional retail point-of-sale setup yet enables merchants to take the checkout process to the customer anywhere in the store. The Mobile Bundle can be used with any 7” or 10” Android tablet connected to the internet with WiFi or cellular data.

Features include: